1. SuperLit (Snippet) Promiss 0:60
  2. I Promise Promiss 1:26
  3. Keep Pressing Promiss 1:17
  4. Got Jokes Promiss 0:53
  5. Never Again Promiss 1:14
  6. Oh God Promiss 1:34
  7. Despised by Fools Promiss 0:38
  8. Poem My Rod, My Staff Promiss 0:56
  9. His Love Promiss 1:13
  10. P.I.C. Promiss 1:20
  11. Sermon "New Thing" Promiss 0:40
  12. What's Poppin Promiss 1:23

Promiss Impact

Unlike her formative years, now her music is a ministry to transform, motivate and inspire young people whose lives have been negatively influenced by the degrading and derogatory music of our culture that turns the mind off and turn the body on. All efforts made by Promiss are motivated by seeing young people in situations she once encountered and watching young adults live a lifestyle she once lived before. Directing them to Christ is considered a job well done to Promiss.

Hot New Single - "Super Lit"

Title : Super Lit
Release Date : April 1, 2019
Format : CD

Promiss's passionate love for music of every kind goes way back to her childhood, but her taste and tone for music has changed. Due to her undying love for God and his saving power, she is committed to a new way of life. She is dedicated to use her gifts and talents to preach the gospel and she is doing so through her sanctified and holy hip hop music.